Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Under Construction!

Luke and I have been very busy lately! He has one week left in his undergraduate classes. It's pretty exciting that by this time next week he'll officially be a KU graduate. We've been doing a ton of photo shoots. We did a wedding on the 16th, and it was an amazing experience. We're also doing a lot of reorganizing and refining. I haven't been able to post updates on the blog because I ran out of storage space! I am in the process of uploading our entire portfolio, with our new logo onto flickr. Then, eventually I will redo our blog so that you can see our entire portfolio on this website through a flickr widget. Until that massive project is finished, you can see our most recent and largest body of work on our facebook page, HERE. Pretty please "like" our page! In the meantime, Luke and I will edit photos like crazy people, try to make enough money to feed ourselves, and try to become better and better photographers! Thanks for reading.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cara and Avery Part 1

We had the opportunity to photograph Cara and Avery, a mom and her two year old daughter.  Not only is Cara very beautiful, but her daughter, Avery, was just the cutest thing.  Her and I made friends because we did lots of dancing and singing during the photo shoot.  This post features the first half of the shoot.  We stayed indoors and had fun in front of some of our new backdrops!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Landscape/nature photography

Luke is going to be so mad that I posted this!  Well, I LOVE his landscapes.  He doesn't like it when I display them, but I think it really shows off his amazing eye for composition and his attention to detail.  I also really like how many of the photos are edited.  There shots are either from Chicago (our honeymoon) or right here in Kansas!!

This photo (above) was taken in Penalosa, Kansas.  If you turn around and go back the other way, you get to my Grandma's house!  We have affectionately dubbed this photo, Roadtonowhere.  We've had many print requests, and I think I need a giant print myself!

This photo (above) was taken at my other grandparents house in Pretty Prairie, Kansas.  We were having dust storms that day that gave the landscape a spooky vibe.  I love the black and white version of this.  I feel that Luke has transported us back to the depression era and the dustbowl. 
(above) My grandparents' house again on a clearer day.  This is one of the views from their driveway.  This reminds me so much of my childhood.  I like the feeling of vastness I feel in this picture. 
Milo fields!  (above and below)

 Now, onto the Chicago pictures!  This is a shot (above) that I took while were waiting in line to ride the Ferris Wheel on the Navy Pier
The above picture is of the Hancock Observatory.  We stayed in a hotel that was right next to it.  I really like the architecture of this building.  The different geometric shapes all over its facade are super cool.  (I'm I using these words correctly? lol) I also really like how because of the overcast sky that day, the building rises into negative space.  It almost seems something abstract and unreal.
Above is another shot of the ferris wheel on the navy pier.  I love the black and white because the high contrast combined with the clouds adds a lot of texture.  I also think the framing is perfect.  Let me tell you, Luke really worked for this shot.  At one point, I think he was laying on the ground in the middle of the pier, trying to get the perfect angle. 
This last picture is the view of Lake Michigan from the very end of Navy Pier.  That was quite a walk! The view at the end was so worth it though.  We had gorgeous weather the entire we were there, and the lake looked so serene and beautiful.  I love the color of this shot.  It tranports me back to that day and all the wonderful times Luke and I had together.    

Collichio Family Portraits - Johnny and Jaydon.... well and some other Collichio kids....

Another installment of the Collichio family pictures!  Here we showcase Johnny and his son, Jaydon.  Jaydon and Johnny were hilarious to shoot together.  Jay is such a ham!  He loves getting his picture taken and is always full of smiles!  Also in this post are Luke's nieces, Vega and Alexys.  We had fun doing some group shots on the fence.  Grandma needed a picture all her grand-babies together.