Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Under Construction!

Luke and I have been very busy lately! He has one week left in his undergraduate classes. It's pretty exciting that by this time next week he'll officially be a KU graduate. We've been doing a ton of photo shoots. We did a wedding on the 16th, and it was an amazing experience. We're also doing a lot of reorganizing and refining. I haven't been able to post updates on the blog because I ran out of storage space! I am in the process of uploading our entire portfolio, with our new logo onto flickr. Then, eventually I will redo our blog so that you can see our entire portfolio on this website through a flickr widget. Until that massive project is finished, you can see our most recent and largest body of work on our facebook page, HERE. Pretty please "like" our page! In the meantime, Luke and I will edit photos like crazy people, try to make enough money to feed ourselves, and try to become better and better photographers! Thanks for reading.