Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello World!!

This is the very first ever blog post of Luke Austin Photography!  I am very excited to be a part of the blogging community.  Because this is our first post EVER, I would first like to say a few things about our business.  Luke Austin Photography is made up of up my husband and I, Luke Collichio and Ashley Jones Collichio.  My Husband, Luke, is the main photographer and the man with all the skills.  I mean, we did name the company after him...  Anywho, Luke is a film student at the University of Kansas.  He will complete his bachelor degree this summer.  We are very excited for all the graduation activities.  Luke has been an avid movie fan all of his life.  He once dreamed of moving to L.A. and being a hollywood director.  However, during his studies at KU his passion began to change.  It all started when he bought his first DSLR camera.  He got the camera so he could better understand the composition and lighting principals he was learning in his classes.  Also, he was always very attracted to the photographic arts.  The more he worked with his camera, the more he fell in love with photography.  So, although Luke is still crazy about movies (your should see our collection!), he is now very passionate about opening his own photography studio. 

I, your humble author, am Luke's wife, Ashley Jones Collichio.  By day I am music education student at KU.  I currently teach private voice, and do occasional gigs as well.  By night, I am Luke's assistant photographer, booking agent, proper gopher, promoter, and moral support.  I pretty much help him with whatever needs doing.  Also, I shamelessly tell everyone how awesome he is and to hire him right away!  During events, I also shoot on our secondary camera.  I also help pose our clients, help them get comfortable, and make sure that nothing is out of place.  I also fetch and carry whatever is needed!  Now, although I do not have as much formal training as my husband, I still try and learn as much about photography as I can.  One of my hobbies in high school was film photography, and I even developed my own negatives!  I enjoy doing the business end of things as well.  I have helped Luke with everything from business taxes to album company research.  So far it has been a blast!

We are both working so hard right now to get our business off the ground.  I have started a facebook page for us.  Also, we are hoping to do a bridal show in Lawrence next month!  Not to mention, we're buying lots of new equipment next month!  We're offering lots of deals right now because we lack experience.  However, I think we make up for it with enthusiasm.  Plus, no matter how much, or little  we charge people, we always try to be professional.  We want our customers to be satisfied so our reputation grows.  So, if you're looking for cheap photographers right now, give us a call! 

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